CCTV Systems

Fully Functional Cameras or PTZ

Extremely versatile and cost effective option for CCTV surveillance, enabling the operator to manually control the camera through 360 degrees, why spend your money on 4 or 5 static cameras when a fully functional covers everything! With various specs available, there is a fully functional camera to suit everones budget.

Preset tours or ‘patrols’ can be easily setup, no need to manually control the camera as it will move automatically. The patrol feature can be immediately over ridden at the touch of the joystick.

Beams and sensors can be incorporated into a fully functional CCTV system with ease. Infrared beams can be installed to cover one or more vulnerable areas, when movement is detected the fully functional camera will immediately pan and zoom to identify the cause of beam activation.

For that added peace of mind we can setup your camera system to stream all CCTV footage back to your PC or smartphone. Monitor your home or office from anywhere in the world, and even control the camera itself from your phone or computer.

Digital Video Recorders (DVR)

Digital recorders are the the modern replacement of the old VCR recorders. Cameras are wired back to the DVR where they are plugged in to the unit, all camera footage is then stored on the DVR for a specified time depending on the memory and hard disk drive capacity (HDD).

We can provide a DVR to suit everones budget. A small 4 channel one is available, and generally increase in size upto 32 cameras. footage can be stored on the unit for as long as 60 days before camera footage overwrites itself. images and footages are easily backed up by way of USB or CD and played back in real time on PC or laptop.

Easily networked, cameras connected to a DVR can be viewed remotely on PC, laptop or smartphone. Internet connection is required for this facility, but once connected gives you the capability of viewing and controlling live camera footage from all cameras. footage can be recorded and copied to disk from the comfort of your home without the need to physically access the DVR on the premises.

We would recommend manufacturers such as Dedicated Micros, Vista, Honeywell, Pelco, Samsung and many others for user friendly and reliable operation.