Intruder Alarms

In todays climate, with money for many becoming increasingly difficult to come by and with an increase in un-employment, has sadly brought rise to an increase in burglaries and break-ins.

It is a fact that almost three quarters of reformed burglars when questioned said that they would research a property before committing the offence, with many observing the house layout from gardens and bushes nearby. Houses without alarm bell boxes, security lights, or with open windows and unlocked sheds are all considered “fair game”.

A recent article in sky news pointed out that 94% of ex-burglars said that an alarm system that was visibly on show would deter them from attempting a break-in. So why waste any more time? We at “Complete Security Installations Ltd” understand that an all singing all dancing alarm system is not within everyone’s budget, and also know that expensive monthly payments is not everyone’s cup of tea either. We can offer a wide range of intruder alarm systems, tailored to your specific needs and payment methods, you can pay a lump sum, you can pay half or a quarter of the cost and finance the rest, entirely up to you.

Our Texecom intruder alarm systems are one of, if not the best intruder alarm systems on the Market today, with full money back or replacement guarantee we are confident that your intruder alarm system will be fault free and reliable for years to come. With a combination of wireless radio detectors and hard wired devices, your alarm system is fully expandable to incorporate garden sheds, out houses and garages, giving you the peace of mind your precious belongings are protected 24hours a day!

With additional features and settings such as part set of the system, we can ensure your windows, doors, garages etc are protected from intruders even when the rest of the house is unset and disarmed. Maybe you like the idea of a speech and text auto dialler? This unit connects to your alarm, and when your alarm activates it will ring your mobile phone, a. Neighbours phone or upto 10 phone numbers of your choice alerting of an alarm activation and even sending a text message to the desired phone number. A one off payment is all that’s required to get you up and running with a speech and text auto dialler.

We can provide you with “REDCARE” connection, you may have heard of REDCARE, this dedicated device will dial an ARC or “alarm receiving centre” upon activation of your intruder alarm system. If two sensors such as movement sensors are activated, the REDCARE will send a “confirmed” signal to the ARC, upon receiving this signal, the ARC will immediately contact the police as two PIR sensors being activated are rarely a false alarm. REDCARE is an excellent option for that extra peace of mind, and also considerably lowers buildings or contents insurance, but does come with additional monthly payments and monitoring fees.

Whatever your requirements, “complete security installations Ltd” are confident we can facilitate everyone’s needs, and everyone’s budgets, and with our range of maintenance agreements, can ensure any problems you encounter with your alarm system will not be expensive ones, even with an existing system you already have installed by another company, our competent and experienced engineers will resolve any number of system faults quickly and efficiently, give us a call or email for more information.