Door Entry Systems

There are many different Door Entry or intercom systems available on the market today, be it straight forward and fairly basic audio only systems, enabling visitors to speak one to one from main entrance, to much more complex, yet simple to use systems comprising of several entrance panels incorporating switcher modules with video pictures projected on to the intercom handset. Maybe a Door Entry system that works via your existing phone line or with a SIM card is what you had in mind? With these types of telephone or GSM based systems it is possible to receive a call from your Door Entry panel when you are anywhere in the world! Just like receiving a phone call. This type of system can reduce installation costs, and remove the need for unsightly cabling.

Whatever your needs, Complete Security Installations Ltd offer an in depth yet user friendly system for your home or business, catering for everyone’s budget, and ensuring that all our systems are cleverly and seamlessly integrated with gate systems, barriers and electric locks.